Finding a rental is hard

To make a long story short, we’ve had to find a new place to rent since the place we’re staying at has some significant water damage and the owner has done nothing about it. For the past two weeks, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with finding a new rental and with the housing crisis here in Australia and it is quite hard. I think finding a rental is hard no matter where you live these days.


Finding a rental is a lot like being on an online dating app—it’s prone to cat-fishing.

For instance, there was this beautiful house with a spacious backyard that we loved. It looked amazing in the photographs—exactly what we wanted. The day finally came when we could see the place in person.

Oh, my goodness, it was such a dud in person.

The bedrooms were tiny—barely big enough to fit a bed. Not to mention that the people didn’t even bother with the trimmings. For example, they put new door handles on some doors, but the holes of the previous door handles were still clearly visible.

When we asked the rental agent if they were planning on doing any repairs on the place, she just said, “No, what you see is what you get.”

We left so disheartened.

We looked at numerous places over the past two weeks, so they all kind of melted into one after a while.

However, there was one place super close to a beach that we looked at. Again, the photos on the realty website and the actual place were worlds apart. It was an old house and everything was so outdated. Also, I hate houses on stilts, which this one obviously had.

I love how the real estate agent told us all that the house had a brand-new water heating system like it was supposed to be an impressive feature. God bless her, she didn’t have much to work with there.

We found one

After looking at many rentals, there was one specific place that we really wanted because it had a sizable backyard that would be great for a dog. We really want a dog, but a dog needs a backyard.

Then we had our second favourite, which was nice, but the yard wasn’t as big.

This week they offered us our second favourite place.

Before we accepted, my husband made a pros and cons list of both properties. It turned out that our second favourite place was not the place we wanted, but the place we needed.

I like that my husband is super level-headed and logical because I am not.

I wonder if he made a pros and cons list before we got married. I’ll have to ask him.

So, we are moving into the new place in the first week of the school holidays. Then I will have some time to unpack all our stuff. It looks like it all worked out very well in the end.


Do you have any wild stories about moving to a new place? I’d love to read about them in the comments.



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