My new diet

It sounds like I’m trying to sell some kind of weight loss product with this post, but I’m not, don’t worry. During the December holidays, I went on my new diet and it actually worked.

Why the diet?

I don’t mind gaining weight, but my clothes weren’t fitting properly anymore and I hate shopping for clothes.

I had gained some weight since I started working because everyone at that school loves to give you chocolate, and there is always some kind of a sweet treat in the staffroom. Also, there’s a café for the students and the staff gets a discount.

Did I mention that I have no self-control? So, I was packing on the weight.

The last two months of school were really stressful, so I was stress-eating a lot as well, and it showed.

So, I decided we would go on the carnivore diet during the holiday, and we started on 4 December, which was right after my birthday. (You can’t be on a diet on your birthday. It’s just not right.)

What it entailed

My husband was on the carnivore diet for a month last year and he got amazing results. It basically means that you only eat meat. We changed it a bit and only ate animal products, so we included milk, cheese, and eggs in our diet.

This diet only lasted a week. I was not eating enough and was all round miserable because the thought of eating meat again was terrible. I would rather just not eat than eat meat again, so that’s not great either.

That’s when I suggested we try the Keto diet, and we’ve been doing it since. So, we avoid carbs and sugar (as much as possible). We mainly eat vegetables and meat, and a couple of fruit.

How it’s going

Honestly, it’s been going great.

I think that starting out with the carnivore diet was the right thing because it was so terrible that switching to keto seemed so much better than it would have been otherwise. I have never been so happy to eat broccoli than right after the dreaded carnivore diet.

I feel good. I mean, it’s not a huge, life-changing feeling, but I feel good. I have fewer digestive issues and I think it’s because I cut out refined carbs. I’ve been having issues with refined carbs for some time, but instead of cutting it out, I just cut down. Now I barely eat any refined carbs and my tummy is happy.

Lately, I’ve been having fewer cravings. It’s weird. I’m usually constantly craving something sweet, but those cravings have reduced significantly. I also started taking zinc supplements and apparently, they also help to reduce sugar cravings. Since I’m not craving everything, I also don’t overeat as much.

I also lost a bit of weight, only 2 kilograms. However, I took my measurements before the diet and measured myself again last week. I lost 5 centimetres (about 2 inches) off my butt and thighs (my problem areas).

I will say that I exercised during this diet, but I also exercised while I was gaining weight. Exercise is pretty much a constant in my life, and I didn’t exercise more than before. So, I don’t think the exercise contributed significantly to my results.

I’m super proud of myself, and I want to continue with this diet.


Have you tried the carnivore or keto diets? Did they work for you?



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