Weird things we have seen on walks

We used to go for a walk every afternoon when my husband logs off from work, but these days they are a bit rarer. Be that as it may, there have been many weird things we have seen on walks.

The Nazi guy

We are off to a strong start.

One afternoon, we had just started our walk and waited at a traffic light to cross the road. A guy approached and stood next to us.

I glanced at him, and then promptly looked away, trying to look as if everything was normal. Then I said in Afrikaans, “Do not make eye contact with this man.”

He had a Nazi shirt with matching face tattoos and a very prominent tattoo that read “Fuck the police”.

I know I should not judge people before I get to know them, but this time I did. It was just so strange.

The super chill guy

On the other side of the spectrum, we met a guy walking his Chihuahua. He was funny because he was walking around with a beer and a cigarette in his hand. Also, the dog’s leash was fastened to a belt around his waist.

He was pretty chilled out—and on a buzz.

The trolleys

We find trolleys everywhere. It can be kilometres from the nearest shopping centre and you will find a lone trolley beside the road.


  • A variety of dead animals (always gone the next day, luckily)
  • Cows (we live in the suburbs, so in this context they are weird)
  • People who talk to themselves
  • A lone car seat


We live in a weird suburb.



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