Here in Australia, there is a lot of wildlife. We’ve seen kangaroos just down the road from our home. South Africa is also rich in wildlife, so it’s nice to have that commonality between the two countries. South Africa is well known for cheetahs, which made me think of a story.

Year-end function

A few years ago, when I was still working in admin at a university, we had a year-end function at a feline rehabilitation centre just outside of town. They actually have all kinds of animals there, but mostly lions and cheetahs.

A few of us were already at the centre and we were waiting around for the rest of the party to arrive. There was a German guy there for some reason. I don’t know who brought him along, but he was a cool guy nonetheless.

About eight of us stood looking at the cheetah enclosure and the three cheetahs came closer. They are so beautiful! You would think South Africans are used to wildlife, but I have never seen these creatures up close like that before.

So, we stood there admiring these beautiful, majestic creatures and then one of them picks up a ball about the size of a soccer ball.

Everyone went, “Aww, just like a kitty cat.”

Much to our surprise, this “kitty cat” started to hump the ball—quite enthusiastically, I might say; almost like it’s trying to prove something.

At that point, the German guy said, “Oh, he’s an exhibitionist.”

I almost peed myself laughing.

Anyway, my favourite part of the day was going into the cheetah cub den. They are so cute and fluffy! (See the picture at the top of this post.)


I like year-end functions, but only because I get free food—if I’m being honest. And sometimes it gives you a cool story.

Do you have any funny stories from year-end functions? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.



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