I got Covid (and other fun things)

This past week I got Covid, and also did other ‘fun’ things.


Last week was my first week back at work after a six-week break. I kept having headaches and sinus headaches, but I thought it was just me adjusting to waking up early again and going back to work. To be honest, I always have some trouble with my sinuses.

On Wednesday, my husband woke up sick and I just thought he had man flu. I went on with my things.

On Friday, my headaches became worse, and I was so tired. That night I also developed a sore throat. When I talked to my mom on the phone that night, she said that a sore throat was a symptom of the new Covid variant.

Well, Saturday morning we tested, and sure thing, we had the Rona. My symptoms also quickly escalated, and I had a fever non-stop for two days. It was terrible.

I’m also missing the first week of school, which sucks because I have so much work to do.


Last week, we had our week of training at the school before the school year began. If I’m honest, most of it did not apply to me, as I’m not a teacher as such (it’s complicated).

It wasn’t all bad, because they provided lunch and free food is always a win in my book.

One memorable training session was about how to be more compassionate towards people with disabilities, be it physical, mental, or learning disabilities.

They brought in sports wheelchairs and we had good fun chasing each other around in them. Then we went outside and had to navigate the school grounds with regular wheelchairs and that’s when I realised that the school grounds weren’t as flat as I thought.

The next day, I was in so much pain. My arms, shoulder and back were so sore from pushing the wheelchairs.

Mission accomplished; I am more empathetic towards people with disabilities.

The physio

On Friday, I had to go to the physiotherapist because my left knee was killing me. It turns out it’s just inflammation.

As I was lying there and the physio was inducing a lot of pain on my knee (all in the name of healing), my tummy growled. It was so loud, and it happened many times.

I think if I was ten years younger, it would have been super embarrassing, but I found it hilarious. I’m sure the physio has seen and heard worse things.


That pretty much sums up my last 7 days. I hope you have had a better time than me.



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