First week back at work

This has been my first week back at work. It sounds like it’s late to start the year, but the week of the 16th we had training for the entire week, and then I took a week off because I had Covid, so yeah, this is my first official week.


I have a homeroom class. Every morning the school starts with homeroom for fifteen minutes and this time is supposed to be used for announcements and building friendships with other students.

Because I work at a Catholic school, I also have to start homeroom with prayer and the kids just want nothing to do with it. Honestly, I’ve told the kids that I understand if they’re not religious, but can we please just be quiet for ten seconds so I can say the prayer? They don’t have to partake, just be respectful. Am I the bad guy here?

The band

This week we had a school-wide assembly and a rock band, comprising three students, played during it.

I was so impressed because they sounded great, and I would pay good money to see them perform.

I noticed that their song was very… suggestive.

The song was clearly about sex.

Did I mention this is a Catholic school?

It was hilarious, and I loved every moment and whisper in the staffroom about the inappropriate song. I mean, did no one think to ask to listen to the song before it’s performed?

The kids

The kids will always be interesting. Some kids are assholes. We know this to be true. But some kids are so weird and wonderful and they make my day.

Take this kid, for instance. I just wanted to get to know them better, and they decided a picture speaks a thousand words.



I got paid this week, so that’s great. Money isn’t everything, but it’s something to look forward to.



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