I’d be better at MLM if I lied

(Warning: this post may trigger you) I’ve been ‘selling’ an MLM product, but it has not been very successful. But I think I’d be better at MLM if I lied—like everyone else.

The problem

I love the products that I sell, I really do. But I can’t convince people to buy it every month because it’s quite expensive.

I’ve attended training and whatnot. They told me all this inspirational stuff, and that I should create a vision board and things like that. Apparently, that helps sales in a struggling economy. Then I’m like: “cool bro but understand my situation”. 

The people I call friends are not any more financially stable than I am. Also, if I can’t sell the products, how can I convince someone else to start selling them?

Again, the products are expensive. Luckily, with this MLM I don’t have to keep stock, so I’m literally not losing anything by being a seller and not being able to sell. In fact, the only reason I haven’t deregistered as a seller is that I get a discount on the products—that I want to continue using, anyway.

The approach so far

At this point, I buy products for people on my account and they just pay me back the cost price (so they save on shipping). Obviously, I’m not making any money.

The products that I ‘sell’ are health-based products; supplements and stuff like that. I’ve given a couple of people samples to try, and said that if they didn’t like it, they could just say so. 

All the people who tried it liked it but just said that it’s too expensive to buy. Then was like, “yeah, I totally get that”, and then left it at that.

I think I should have been more aggressive, but I’m more of a ‘let’s cut the bullshit’ kind of person. Also, I don’t want to lie to people.

And I think that’s why I haven’t had any success with MLM. The products are great (for me, best pre-workout ever), but they will not change your life necessarily. They also definitely will not cure you of any illnesses, and I’m not going to pretend like they will.

I should just lie and say stuff like “this could be the first day of the rest of your life” (whatever that means). Or say that “this will cure (insert name of your medical condition)”. But I don’t, and I won’t, because that’s not who I am.


So, if you’re having great success with an MLM (without lying to customers) and thinking “This bitch is just jealous”, then you are right. Why wouldn’t I be jealous of someone making a ton of money?

What do you think of MLMs? Are you involved in one? How has it been?



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