Make-over shows

Make-over shows, what are they good for?

This is a new blog, but I’ve had a blog in the past. To be perfectly honest, I had it for about eight years and there were almost 300 posts on it. However, I never tried to monetise or even advertise it.

This year I decided to try something new and delete that old blog. I wanted to have a proper blog to call my own, so I paid the hosting fees (which is a lot when you have to convert it so South African Rands) and set up my WordPress account. I’m still figuring out the kinks, but at least I’m on my way.

In a way, this blog is just a make-over/reinvention of my previous blog and that got me thinking about make-over shows.

I won’t lie; I love to watch those shows and witness the ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan. However, I do have a couple of problems with these kinds of shows.

It’s superficial

First of all, most make-over shows only change superficial things about a person – things like their hair, make-up, and clothes. On a side note, it’s so scary to see how make-up artists can completely transform a face. They can cover up any scar, pimple, wart, or bruise with their wizardry (and something called ‘contouring’) to make you look like a star. Some of these shows go even further and get the people’s teeth fixed or have them undergo cosmetic surgery.

Quite frankly, not all those changes will not last, purely because the person does not know how to take care of the new look. Or they may know what to do in theory but they don’t have the time or motivation to keep it going. It’s like having an old beat-up car and just servicing it once in a while and then all of a sudden you have to take care of the latest Lamborghini – that thing is not going to look brand new (or work) forever.

Also, most of these shows don’t tackle any emotional issues that the participants have, which may be the reason why they needed a make-over in the first place. I guess it’s difficult to put all the emotional healing into a 30 to 60-minute show.

They all look the same

I also don’t like how all the ‘final products’ of these shows always kind of look the same. Whatever is trending at that moment will be reflected in the make-overs and that bothers me because there’s more than one way of looking good or sexy.

I also don’t like how some shows try to change people’s personalities. If you are a nerd who loves to read and watch Star Wars I think it’s great that you are taught to meet new people and make new friends. It annoys me when they try to change someone who is shy and reserved into a bombshell. Again, there is more than one type of sexy.

Can we see them again … later?

I would like to see follow-ups of those people a year later. It sounds so mean because it’s like I’m rooting for people to fail, but I’m not. I’m just interested in what they look like. I like it when people succeed, but sometimes it’s also entertaining when they don’t …

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Make-over shows