Married at first sight

So, I’m usually not a fan of reality TV, but this one reeled me in with the crazy. I’m talking about “Married at first sight” (Australian edition) and it’s insane.

What it’s about

The show keeps referring to itself as an experiment. A team of experts pair ten couples together, but they’re strangers. They meet at the altar and then go on a honeymoon, meet the in-laws, and get to know each other.

Every week, they decide whether they would like to continue their relationship or leave the show. Imagine the dating version of “Wipe Out” but with more entertainment and nudity (here I’m referring to the skimpy outfits).

Just as a side-note, they’re not allowed to have a binding marriage contract according to legislation, so it’s more just a “commitment ceremony”.

The drama

This show is such an impressive display/buffet of mental illnesses, narcissism, and just everything that’s wrong with society these days.

I missed most of the season because I only started watching about two or three weeks ago. I’m a bit sad about it because I missed so much. There is so much drama.

There’s this one woman, Olivia, who has been called “a walking red flag” – I love the Aussie media. Olivia was on camera saying that “she doesn’t do empathy”. Do you know who doesn’t do empathy? Sociopaths.

Another contestant/participant cheated on her new husband with an ex-boyfriend. Also, the walking red flag showed everyone an OnlyFans nude of another contestant.

This is not the first time

In South Africa, I used to watch “The Bachelor” which has more or less the same premise. I loved to hate that show. Let’s be honest, that show is not about finding love—it’s about bringing the human race into disrepute one rose at a time. But it’s entertaining, so we allow it. The same goes for all these dating shows/experiments.

Obviously, when these shows cast their contestants and they’re not going for plain Jane and the average Joe, because they don’t make compelling TV. They are looking for the crazies because crazies get the drama going and that means good ratings.


I think if they really wanted people to find true love, they should pair them based on what they find funny. For me, that’s the best indicator of compatibility. Your sense of humour reveals a lot about your values or even religion, so it’s a great indicator of compatibility.

On that note, I don’t think having similar interests is an indicator of compatibility. If I just look at my husband and myself, on the surface we don’t have shared interests. But we both love learning, so we’re keen to explore each other’s interests—and it works.

I thought about why I enjoy watching this show so much.

Why is this show my guilty pleasure? I think it’s because I have quite a boring life, and I love the drama, but I’m not directly involved. Also, it makes me feel so much better about myself and my stable relationship.


There you have my confession of my guilty pleasure. I am ashamed.

Do you watch these dating shows? What do you think about it?



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