My results

I got my results on Monday, and I am stoked!

I asked for an kit for my birthday last year and when the day finally came around, my husband gave me the kit. I was very excited, but I am also a procrastinator, so it took me about four weeks to actually send the sample off.

A few surprises

No, I did not discover any unknown close relatives (yet), but I did find out that my ancestry is not what I thought it was. I was expecting a high percentage of Dutch and French ancestry because my mom was always going on about it, but she was a bit off.

The Germanic blood does include the Dutch, but not so much the French. Also, I had no idea I had so much English blood.

The African blood was no surprise. Actually, I was surprised the percentage was not higher. All the rest was a bit of a shock.

Genetic traits

My husband bought a more expensive kit, so they also analysed my genetic traits and, for the most part, they were spot on.

I love that taking naps is a genetic trait. I love taking naps; they are just the best.

It’s great that all my fitness traits are mostly above average. Well, I did do karate for seven years, so I guess it rubbed off on me in more ways than one.

The sensory traits were a bit underwhelming.

In terms of appearance, they got a few wrong. I don’t have a cleft chin or freckles. Also, I have the straightest hair imaginable and all my wisdom teeth came out (quite askew at that).

I think the hair colour thing was funny, because I have dark blond hair and my husband is a redhead, and my grandmother was ginger. So, we’re definitely going to have little ginger kids. The fiery redheads are going to outnumber me—I’ll have to colour my hair.


Have you ever done an test or something similar? What did you discover about yourself?



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