Our honeymoon

I’ve been missing in action for a while, but honestly, it was the end of term and I was exhausted, and then when the school holidays hit, we went on our honeymoon.

Well, I say it’s our honeymoon, but my husband just thought of it as a vacation.

The thing is, we never officially had a honeymoon because we got married in a rush and then had to plan our immigration to Australia. I was also still studying at that time. It all happened so quickly. At that stage, we didn’t have the time or money to go on our honeymoon.

The two weeks school holiday started on 1 April and my husband said that he would take the first week off so that we could spend some time together, and then I suggested that it be our honeymoon. He just said, “Yes, dear”.

Good enough for me!

Day one—Montville

Montville is a regional town in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast. It’s an artsy farty little town with great restaurants. There’s a main street where all the shops and restaurants are.

I really like it. It reminded me so much of a similar town in South Africa, Clarens.

Both towns have beautiful views.

This was the view from our restaurant.

Day two—Bribie Island

Bribie Island is a weekend staple for many people where I live, but we had never gone there before. It was about half an hour’s drive and it was worth it. The beach was beautiful, and the water was great.

We went to Woorin Beach and honestly; it was not that busy. It was a nice, relaxing morning at the beach.

Day three—Aquapark and King’s Beach

I didn’t know what an aquapark was before this. I’ll tell you this, it was so much fun.

I used to watch ‘Wipe Out’ as a teenager, and this was a similar thing. It was an inflatable obstacle course on the water.

We went with friends, but I think it can also be fun if it’s just you and your partner. However, I’d work on my upper body strength before I went again because I fell in so many times and then had to pull myself up on the floats again. I felt like a train hit me the next day.

The park runs on 50 minutes circuits and once our time was up, we dried off and had some lunch. It was well deserved after that strenuous exercise.

Then our friends took us to Kings Beach. It’s a great tourist spot, and rightfully so because it is gorgeous.

It was fun but exhausting.

Day four—SeaWorld

I must say that the thing I remember most vividly about this trip was how bad the traffic was to and from Sea World. This was partly our fault, as it was the day before the Easter long weekend and we should have probably gone on a different day.

But I digress.

SeaWorld was a bit of a bust because many of the rides were closed. I would have liked to do some of the tamer rides. However, the sea life was amazing. It was so cool to see these animals up close.

I was way too excited to see Squidward.

These are only for kids, which sucked because I would have really enjoyed climbing these things.

Day five—Good Friday

We didn’t do much. We went to church in the morning and then to the church’s Easter production in the afternoon.

Then we chilled out.


I think it was a wonderful honeymoon. Did you have a honeymoon? What was it like?



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