My job hunt

I recently completed my teaching qualification, and I thought the world would be my oyster, but I am sadly disappointed. My job hunt has proven unfruitful thus far, but there may be a glimmer of hope.

Trigger warning: If you are against getting the COVID-19 vaccine, you’re going to want to stop reading right now.

Some background

As you know, there has been a bug going around (to put it mildly), and there have been a considerable amount of people who do not want to get the jab for said bug. However, the Australian government has been putting in stricter regulations for public servants, including teachers. You can read about it here.

Basically, some Australian states have brought in regulations that force teachers to be fully vaccinated. Here where I live, there is also talk of implementing the same thing.

So let me make this clear, I am not happy about thousands of unvaccinated teachers losing their jobs—I’m not. But I’ll also say this: If you’re not willing to get a jab that could save your life and those around you, maybe you shouldn’t be molding young minds, eh?

I’ve had COVID-19, and it’s not a fun time. I had it months ago and I’m still suffering from some of its long-term effects (although I’m much better). So as soon as I was eligible to get the vaccine, I got it.

The protests

I know the arguments against the vaccine: ‘You don’t know what’s in it’. I don’t know what’s in half of the food I eat, I’ll admit that. Do you know exactly what’s in the food that you eat? Because if you’ve ever eaten polony or Vienna sausages, I can tell with certainty that you have no idea what you’re eating. Case in point.

However, I do know I don’t want to die from a preventable disease.

We also hear: ‘It’s the government trying to control you’. Your government is not trying to control you, they already control you. They take a slice of your salary every month and throw you in jail if you don’t comply. How’s that for control? So, I happily pay my tax and follow government mandates.

Also, the government controlling you is the trade-off we make to live in a civilised society. If they didn’t control us, ‘The Purge’ would be a documentary and not a run of the mill terrible movie series.

Then there’s: ‘It’s big pharma and tech companies tracking and controlling us’. Big pharma is already controlling you—yes, prescription meds Mandy, I’m talking to you. Also, tech companies are already tracking you through your smartphone, so they won’t waste capital on injecting you with a microchip—because they’re already wasting capital on sending billionaires to space.

My competitive edge

I never thought my competitive edge in the job market would be that I got two vaccinations that will probably save my life. Before the pandemic, my competitive edge was that brought baked goods to the office—which I will definitely do again once I get a job over here again. So, wish me well for the rest of my job hunt.



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