Our weird wedding

I’ve written a bit about our wedding planning and the fact that we got married so quickly because we’re moving to Australia, but I haven’t written much about the day itself. Our weird wedding was the best day ever. There are a couple of reasons I say it was a ‘weird’ wedding. 

We broke a lot of rules of a conventional wedding, but I care little for convention, anyway. Here are a few weird things about our wedding.

I wore a pink dress

I hired a pink dress. It’s ironic because I don’t like pink or dresses, but this dress was something else. 

It was a pastel pink with white embroidery. Here’s a picture:

Pink wedding dress

I have nothing against white dresses, and I tried on a few white dresses, but they weren’t me—if that makes sense. When I put on the pink dress, it just felt right. It fit perfectly and I wasn’t worried about my huge butt because the dress hid it.

No custom dresses for the bridesmaids

Often bridesmaids get terrible dresses. I don’t know if the brides are deluded and honestly think the dresses are pretty, or if they are just petty and don’t want anyone to outshine them.

I wanted my bridesmaids to have pretty dresses so that they could wear them to other functions or events as well.

We didn’t have their dresses custom made, mostly because that would take a lot of time and money—two things that I didn’t have. So I said that we’re just going to buy something off the rack.

It worked out pretty well. I took them to the mall, and we tried on a couple of dresses. I said, they can try on anything that’s pastel and gave them my budget. 

There’s a clothing shop that has many beautiful dresses, and I know many women go there to find dresses for formal functions. We went there and got dresses we were all happy with. The only issue was that they were too long, but my mom shortened them for us (because she’s awesome like that).

Here’s what they looked like:

Bridesmaids dresses

Morning wedding

Well, it was more like an all-day wedding, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Initially, I thought a morning wedding would be cheaper, but it wasn’t. That was not the only reason I wanted one. Neither I nor my husband likes loud music and dancing, so we didn’t want the traditional evening wedding reception. 

Also, because of COVID-19, we have a curfew and I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble for breaking it.

A morning wedding was the best choice because we basically had our wedding from ten in the morning until eight at night. During the last two hours, it was just about 10 of us sitting around a table chatting. It was the best.

The music choices were weird and cheesy

I don’t think we had any of the traditional songs played at our wedding.

I walked into the chapel on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and, honestly, that song sums up our relationship. We walked out of the chapel on Bruno Mars’s “Marry you”. I’ll admit, that was super cheesy.

We walked into the reception hall on the Imperial March (because we love Star Wars). Initially, I wanted to walk into the chapel on it, but my husband said no.

Games for the guests

We hired lawn games for the guests because I know it’s always annoying at weddings when you have to wait forever for the bride and groom to take their photos. So I wanted our wedding to be different.

The guests loved the lawn games, especially the giant Jenga. I also asked them to bring board games along, and in the afternoon, we played board games. 

Other rules that we ‘broke’

We didn’t do the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.’ 

I didn’t have a garter.

I didn’t throw my bouquet. Never again will I be held responsible for marriages or relationships. However, I gave the bouquet to my best friend because she’s awesome. She recently got engaged actually, but I had nothing to do with that.

We didn’t throw rice, because it’s a mess, but we threw rose pedals.

We didn’t have flower girls, just because it was too expensive.

I didn’t want a diamond ring. I’ve wanted a Tanzanite ring for the longest time, and that’s what I got. 


That’s the story of our weird wedding. Did you have a traditional wedding? Is there something about your wedding that you would have wanted to change? Let me know in the comments.



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