Things that make me happy

With so many negative things going on in the world, it’s good to reflect on the things that bring us joy. Hence, I have compiled a list of things that make me happy.

Inside jokes

Having inside jokes with my husband is a great source of joy in my life. We have so many inside jokes and I don’t even remember how some of them started. Recently, we binged Letterkenny and their sayings have become a staple in our inside joke canon.

My parents

My parents call me every night (midday in South Africa) and we give each other updates on how we’re doing. I love hearing about my parents’ antics, whether it be at home or at the shops.

Sometimes they don’t have much news, so they show me the dogs. This brings me to my next point.


I love dogs so much. I stop people in the street so I can pet their dogs and I always have time for someone to show me a photo of their dogs or tell me about them.

My whole Facebook feed is full of dog videos because I made the algorithm work for me.

My nieces

My husband’s brother and his family also moved to Australia and we see them once in a while. My two nieces are always so excited to see me. I know they’re only happy to see me because I’m a new stimulus and I take the time to listen to all their stories. These are the same stories that their parents have heard a million times.

Being safe

Although I miss my family in South Africa, I never felt safe there. Here I can go to most places by myself and feel safe. It’s great that I can take walks around the neighbourhood and not worry that someone might attack me.

Planning my week

Every Sunday night I plan my week and it makes me happy because it gives me the illusion that I know what I’m doing. I also feel a bit more motivated to get on with it.

A few quick ones

  • Writing (it’s a double-edged sword)
  • Finding cash in unexpected places
  • Finding bargains at op shops
  • The house being clean for 5 minutes every week
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Squeezing pimples (it’s gross, I know)


What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments.



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