Dogs are so damn special

I repeat, dogs are so damn special (even the ones that replace you). I miss my dogs back in South Africa, especially my fat ninja, Nina. She’s our fat Labrador.

The story

I love dogs and always have. Since we moved, my parents video call me often, and I inevitably ask to talk to the dogs.

I know it’s weird, but I can ask my parents how they are doing but not the dogs. Hence, I want to see them and talk to them. Of the three dogs, Nina usually has the biggest response. She will come up to the phone and wag her tail.

Our miniature border collie, Vicky, usually ignores me. I think she’s happy to be rid of me. The new dog, Bobby, doesn’t know who I am, so he’s just confused about the weirdo talking to him.

My heart

Not long after we moved, my mom spoke to me alone on the phone and said that I should stop talking to Nina because it upsets her. Whenever I talked to her, she stopped eating for a day or so. And believe me, that dog loves food.

It broke my heart. My poor dog doesn’t understand why I’m not there anymore and that makes me sad. She just misses me because we had a special bond. Actually, Nina has a special bond with all the family members. I used to comb her out every day because they were shedding and I just kept on doing that.

Just look at that face!

My parents and their solutions

Not long after that conversation with my mom, my parents took my old bedding and gave it to Nina to sleep on. That was a slap in the face for me because they gave perfectly good bedding (that I paid for) to a dog to sleep on. However, my parents said that since she’s been sleeping on that, she’s been sleeping much better.

I was just like, ‘yeah okay, I’m not mad’.


This story illustrates why I love dogs so much. Their love is genuine.

Again, dogs are so damn special.


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