I’ve officially been replaced

My parents have been having a bad time with me moving halfway across the world. Understandably, they’re upset that I am so far away. However, I’m sad to say that I’ve been officially replaced by a puppy.

For real

You may be thinking, “she’s being so dramatic”. Am I? I mean, the dog is sleeping in my old room FFS. Well, many newspaper pages are laying all over the floor because said puppy is still being potty trained.

This was my old room

I should also mention that my parents painted my old room out just when I left. So, they basically redid the room for a puppy.

The story

Last year, in March, right before our hard lockdown, we had to put our dog, Eddie, down. He was already an old boy and quite sick. I was heartbroken.

I could see that our other two dogs were looking for Eddie and seemed lonely without him. That’s when I started pestering my parents about getting a new puppy.

I did this until we moved, and then just accepted that my parents would not get a dog.

Then, two weeks ago my dad sent me a message saying “I bought a dog” and sent me photos of said dog. I thought he was just messing with me because my mom was quite against getting a puppy. After all, she was usually the one who had to deal with new puppies. However, since my dad retired, he is there to take care of puppies.

I called my mom to figure out if my dad was serious. I asked my mom about the puppy and she said, “I tried to stop them”.

She told me the story. My oldest brother and dad were in cahoots because my brother has wanted a puppy for the longest time, just not in his house. He wanted a pup he could visit and then leave and enjoy his life, puppy free.

They named the pup Bobby. He is so damn adorable! He’s so flurry and playful. The other two dogs didn’t like the little furball at first, but it seems like they’re warming up to him. My dad has sent me videos of little Bobby playing with the other two. Bobby even cuddled with Vicky the other night.

I’m glad they’re getting along. I’m just sad that Bobby is going to grow up without knowing who I am.


Did your parents do anything weird like mine when you moved out? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.



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