Dogs are the best thing that has ever happened to mankind (but I may be a bit subjective).

Since I’m not allowed to leave the house, and I don’t have any new books or movies to review, I have decided to review dogs. Also, a few days ago we had to put down one of our dogs and I still miss the little bugger deeply.

Older pets

Having a senior pet is an emotional roller-coaster. If they’re laying very still, you think, “OMG I think he’s dead” and then you get closer and they’re still super still and you start getting sad, and then all of a sudden they look at you or wag their tail and then you’re so happy! Like, “Hey, you’re alive!”

This happened to me at least once a week with our elderly dog, Eddie. Yes, named after the dog in Fraser.


Our poor pup was quite old, 12 years old this year, and you could tell. He had trouble walking or standing for long periods but he always wagged his little tail when you talked to him and loved pets and cuddles.

In the last week, he seriously deteriorated. He puked a lot, just laid around, and didn’t even wag his tail when I talked to him. We took him to the vet and they couldn’t help him. They could only make him comfortable for a day. We decided that it was best to put him down because we didn’t want him to suffer. So, the next day we took him in.

 We said goodbye

I went with one of my brothers, and he wasn’t very fond of this dog, but he was super nice to him and pet him. The vet explained what was going to happen and then my waterworks came on. My brother is super awkward in general and not great at dealing with feelings so he felt very uncomfortable.

I held Eddie’s head as the first injection went in and I felt his head drop as the life went out of him – then I cried even more.

I must say the vet was super supportive and said that dogs have two jobs in their lives – to teach us how to forgive and how to love. They teach us to forgive because they do the dumbest things sometimes but we get over it. They also teach us to love unconditionally – every dog owner knows what I’m talking about. Then the vet concluded that this dog did his job well. At that point, I thought, “Stop it, you’re making it worse with your kind words!”

Again, they’re awesome

Dogs are the best. They’re always happy to see you, they’re always game for playing ball, and they love pets and cuddles. I love the way they look at you like you’re the greatest thing ever. (Now I’m starting to think that I’m a narcissist … oh geez.)

Anyway, enjoy your pets while we’re all in isolation at home. You’ll miss them when this whole thing blows over.

For my Eddie.


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