The dogs I left behind

When we moved to Australia, I left the dogs behind. They’re technically my parents’ dogs, but I loved them like my own. So this post is about the dogs I left behind in search of a better life.

The dogs

My dad often sends me photos of the dogs and their silliness. They have three dogs, Vicky, Nina, and Bobby. Yes, we give our dogs human names.

The oldest dog is Vicky, a miniature Border Collie. For the longest time, she was the favourite pup but she has recently gotten some competition.

Then there’s Nina, our labrador. She’s such a fatty and I love her so much because of her kind soul. She’s just so happy to be part of your life, you know? Also, she loves it when I comb her. Like I said, she’s a fatty and can’t reach everywhere to scratch, so she loves a comb.

Lastly, my parents got Bobby about a week or so after I moved. I was so mad. I had been begging them for months to get a puppy after our Eddie passed away. The moment I move away is when they decide that I have to be replaced by a puppy – although, it’s an adorable Border Collie dog.

I don’t know much about Bobby, but I know he’s full of energy and a good friend to Nina. She had been quite lonely since her long-time friend, Eddie passed. I also know that his tongue sticks out most of the time and that he loves naps. He’s such a cutie.

I love the way dogs beg for food even if they had just eaten.

I look forward to seeing these weirdos when we visit South Africa later this year.


Do you have dogs? Have you ever had to leave them behind?

Doggie meh.


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