Mythical creatures

Since it’s Easter weekend, let’s talk about mythical creatures – take my immune system for one.

I’ve been worried sick (pun intended) that I might get Covid-19, but since the epidemic started, I have gotten everything except it, and the list includes: a cold, light pneumonia, and glandular fever. I’m still sick with the last one. If you’ve never had it, it’s very much like being possessed by a tired old lady, that wants to do nothing but sleep for 20 hours a day.


But I digress …


What is up with mythical creatures?


We all are familiar with the stories of the mythical creatures such as the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and, of course, Santa Clause. I’m sure that your parents, like mine, lied about them for quite some time and thought it was hilarious.


All that I want to know is, who the hell came up with all this crap?


The creatures in South Africa


I live in South Africa and the story surrounding what happens to children’s milk teeth differs a little from America’s. See, we don’t have a tooth fairy, we have a thing called the “Tandemuis”, which directly translates “tooth mouse”.


When I shed a tooth as a child, I would take the tooth, put it in a shoe and then put the shoe under my bed. Then the “Tandemuis” (most probably my mom while my dad distracted me) would take the tooth and leave some money in its place. Yeah, it is a little weird.


The Easter bunny


The Easter bunny is also a weird concept. Where does he (or she; actually, I don’t know its pronoun) get all the Easter eggs? And if they are called Easter eggs, does that mean the bunny lays them? Bunnies don’t lay eggs. Whoever came up with the Easter bunny didn’t think the whole thing through.


Also, hiding and finding Easter eggs sounds very exciting until one of two things happen.


Firstly, you grow up and now you have to hide the Easter Eggs from your kids. Then you have to watch them look for it, and immediately realise which one of your kids is not college material.

Secondly, you are one of the kids who looks for the eggs but your older brother is taller and stronger than you and shakes all the trees that your lazy dad hid the eggs in, and then you have no fun.


Lastly – Santa


Don’t even get me started on Santa Clause – what a weirdo. The thought of some fat stranger in a red suit coming into my house through the chimney is freaking scary. That’s the kind of thing that happens in nineties, low budget horror movies.


Childhood ruined (somewhat).





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