We got a dog

We got a dog in mid-November last year, and he is amazing.

I have wanted a dog since we got married. My parents have always had dogs, and I grew up with dogs. They are just a part of my life. Dogs are God’s gift to earth, literally. They are the best companions.


We knew we wanted to rescue, and we knew we wanted a Staffy—a land seal. I wanted two puppies because then they would have each other to keep them company, and I wanted puppies specifically because then we could love them for longer.

However, there weren’t many Staffy puppies available, so we applied for just one. It was all going well, but then we hit a snag. The rescue organisation said that we weren’t eligible to adopt because we were here on a four-year visa. We are planning on staying for the rest of our lives, but they can’t take our word for it until we have permanent residency. So, we did the next best thing and applied to foster a dog.

I was sad that we couldn’t adopt because I think we’re the ideal candidates. We’re a childless couple with one person who works from home and another who works half-day (kind of). But I can understand their point of view.

The next day, hubby saw a Staffy on a kill list on the rescue’s Facebook page and we sprung in to volunteer to foster.

A week later, we got Bentley.

Bentley: A Staffy Kangaroo cross

The organisation had a guy drop the dog off at our house. He had a massive trailer with a bunch of dogs in it and out sprang Bentley. Bentley ran for the house. I couldn’t control him. He was so happy to be in our house. He jumped up onto the counter and the furniture and I thought, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

That first night I slept very little because I slept in my office (which also has a bed in it) with the dog next to me.

Since then, he has calmed down a bit. I’ll admit, he is a high-energy dog, but we also play with him and walk him twice a day.

He is so in love with my husband—he’s the man’s little shadow. If the dog has to choose between me and him, it’s him every time. He’ll come to me for attention and pats, but for the most part, I’m just the spare human in the house. I guess I can’t blame him. Hubby was at home with him most of the time when we got him, so of course they will have a deeper bond.

Bentley has taken over our couch and he will sleep there most nights. He has a nice doggy bed in our room, but no, he wants the couch.

Bentley loves people, especially men, for some reason. He loves meeting new dogs, but most people are apprehensive about letting our dogs meet. It’s probably because of his breed, but he also has a resting bitch face (pun intended). Once he gets to meet the other dog, the bitch face disappears, and he looks so happy.

Look at him

My phone is full of Bentley photos at this stage, and it’s probably going to be like that for the foreseeable future. He’s just so damn cute!


Do you have a dog? Is there an interesting story behind how you got them?



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