My weird dreams (part 4)

My weird dreams have made for great material for his blog (as can be seen here, here, and here, and this is ‘My weird dreams (part 4)). Sometimes I think I should get my weird dreams analysed by an expert, but then again, I’m pretty open with myself about what’s going on with my mental state, so let me rather not get a shrink involved.

I don’t keep a dream journal, because then it makes me aware that I’m dreaming. I’d rather just let my mind loose and see what it comes up with when it’s not inhibited. Speaking of which, here are more weird dreams I’ve had:

Trump lost to someone else

I dreamt Trump lost against a black woman, and she was also his illegitimate child. She got all the millennials to vote for her. When he lost Trump jumped off the room of my old high school and fell to his death.

Yep, that was a weird dream.

Ghosts being weird

I dreamt I had to look after someone’s dog, but then neglected it because I didn’t like it. (This would never happen in real life because I love dogs – ALL dogs.)

Later the owner and I got into a fight in front of our house’s gate, and suddenly we saw the ghost of Mary Magdalene. She was dancing and chilling in our yard.

Later in the dream, my boyfriend and I were on psychedelic drugs and we started getting busy. As we were busy, the ghost of my uncle walked in and asked us what the hell we were doing.

Super weird.

Don’t mess with wizards

I dreamt I was walking around with my dad at a market and some guy there was giving me a hard time. I flicked my middle finger at him, and he hated that.

Turns out, he was a wizard and took over my dad’s body.

A few quick ones

I dreamt that:

  • our braai area was burning down, and as that was happening Taylor Swift was here and shooting a new music video. Did the one lead to the other? Wish I could remember.
  • I was walking around in the local grocery store with only a towel on, and it didn’t bother me at all.
  • I was little again, and that we had a house on a lake. Literally, the house was floating on a lake.
  • I was in a music video with Zendaya and Jim Carrey.
  • we were training karate with Putin. (He is actually ‘n third dan black belt in karate.)
  • I was on the Ellen show (before all the controversy regarding the way she treats her employees). It was like a ‘Friends’ reunion show and we did an impromptu sketch on an RV.
  • there were two bathtubs in our lounge here at home and my boyfriend filled them up with mud so that we could take a relaxing mud bath.

To conclude

Yep, I have pretty weird dreams. Please tell me about your weird dreams in the comments.



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My weird dreams part 4