My strange dreams

I have quite vivid dreams. The weird thing about dreams is that even though they are very weird, in the dream themselves, they always make sense. This has to do with the logical part of your brain being suppressed during the dreaming process. Funny enough, my boyfriend doesn’t dream, which is actually not that uncommon. When I have a cool dream, I always tell him and he marvels at my weirdness. So, let me tell you about some of my strange dreams.

The best one … so far

My favourite dream that I’ve had to date was the Thor dream. I dreamt that Thor and I worked at Walmart – we don’t even have Walmart in South Africa, but I digress. Imagine Thor in his usual superhero outfit – then picture him wearing an apron over it. Yep, that’s how exactly what Thor looked like. The method of payment was also peculiar, to say the least. The customers paid by doing katas (as in karate katas). If they knew higher grade katas they could get “more expensive” things.

A few others

Here are a few other weird dreams that I’ve had:

  • I’m a witch, but instead of Hogwarts I go to a cheaper version of it, which is my old high school.
  • I’m in an episode of Suits. Harvey Specter is my lawyer (awesome!) and some guy in high heels is giving me grief.
  • Rolene Strauss works at Clicks (South African pharmacy) and gives me beauty advice. In the same dream I start singing and dancing to Uptown Funk.
  • They’re shooting Zoolander 2 in my hometown and I’m cast as an extra.
  • My dad takes the whole family to Paris, but it turns out we were scammed and the whole thing turns into a 007 movie.
  • The soccer player, Ronaldo, visits my university and starts running a drug operation from the department where I work.
  • I walk around in my neighbourhood and find Samuel L. Jackson doing the same. Not long after I also walk into Sylvester Stallone.
  • I have my own talk show and take Ricky Gervais swimming.
  • Harvey Specter from Suits and his sister steal a car. I’m pissed off because it was the car that I wanted to steal.
  • I meet Deon Meyer (the writer) but my cell phone stops working, so I can’t take a photo with him (this was a nightmare).
  • A few friends and I are in the parking lot at the university and there are fishes that live in the trees.

Yeah … they really are strange. I should write down my dreams in a dream journal again – my strange dreams can be quite amusing sometimes.

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My strange dreams