Dreams are weird

For centuries people have thought that there was something supernatural about dreaming. People have claimed to have seen the future in their dreams. In some cultures, dreaming about a specific object is seen as a sign that something bad is about to happen. Be that as it may, dreams are weird, especially mine.

I’m a fan

Personally, I love dreaming – it’s like a movie inside my head and I’m the lead character. Nightmares are a different story, though, because it’s like a custom-made horror movie.

Apparently, you can’t dream about someone or something that you have never seen – I don’t remember where I read that. I don’t think that’s necessarily true; just thinking about my own dreams.

What I like about dreaming is that anything can happen and you can go anywhere. True as that may be, some nights I dream about being at work. What a waste!

I’ve had a few weird ones

I have had some strange dreams in my life. When I was little, I often dreamt that I could fly, unfortunately, I could never manage a good landing. A nightmare I often had was that a tornado was heading straight for our house. It’s strange because we don’t really have many natural disasters in South Africa (only man-made crime and corruption).

Keeping with strange dreams, I once dreamt that I was at a Beyoncé concert for three nights in a row. What is up with that?! I’m not even such a big fan. Also, I once dreamt that I won an Oscar … on a street corner near my house. Not to mention the multiple times that I have dreamt that I have won the lottery, just to wake up seconds later with the realisation that poverty still has a firm hold on me.

It really messes with me when I dream that I woke up, like a dream in a dream, because when I really wake up, I’m not completely sure if I’m awake or not. Just for a few seconds, but still.

One of my friends told me that he once dreamt he had to marry his cousin to save his family. That is so wrong, yet hilarious on so many levels.

Fun fact

Did you know that most dreams are only a few seconds long? Your dreams just feel much longer because your subconscious works very fast.

Feel free to tell me about the weird dreams you’ve had – contact details below.



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