When I still lived with my parents in South Africa, we would sit outside on summer evenings to cool off. We’d talk a bit and admire the beauty of the stars. One evening, my parents spotted aliens.

Let me explain.

The story

That evening, it was only my mom and dad sitting outside. When they came back inside, my brother and I were in the kitchen, making food for ourselves.

On his way to the television, my dad said (nonchalant AF), “I just saw three flying saucers”.

My brother and I looked at each other like: ‘Did you hear what I just heard?’

I asked my mom, “Did you see aliens?” To which she replied (also nonchalant AF), “Oh, yes.”

After a short interrogation, I found out that they saw three lights that looked like stars, but they acted strangely and then just disappeared.

Was it aliens? I don’t know, but probably not. This brings me to my next question: why would aliens want to visit earth?

Why would they visit us?

Think about it: if you’re able to travel halfway across the universe, you obviously have technology that is light years ahead of anything we have here on earth.

Would they want to colonise our earth? I don’t think they would want to. We’ve used up most of the natural resources and global warming is killing everyone and everything. That, and they would have to get rid of about 8 billion people.

Let’s say they’re not planning to kill us all and take over the planet. Would they come here to learn from our social or political systems? I certainly hope not. I mean, the most powerful country in the world elected an orange man, with absolutely no experience in politics, to run the country and build a wall.

Why go to all the trouble to visit earth then? Is it merely part of a school field trip for them? Do they come here to observe our ways (which probably traumatises them into leaving quickly)? Do some aliens come here and scare a few humans as a practical joke?

If I were an alien

Look, if I were an alien, I would find some poor bastard who lives all alone in an isolated place. Then just go all alien on them—beep beep boop, shoot something with my laser gun, tell them my father helped to build the pyramids, and then fly off.

If they ever tell anyone, people will think they’re crazy.

I’m a bad person.


I think the earth is like their Bermuda triangle. Only the brave go, and only the lucky return.

We can’t even live in peace with our own species; what about a far superior species? It won’t work.

Anyway, do you believe in aliens? Let me know in the comments.



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