I hate kids

I say I hate kids, but actually, they aren’t the problem. It’s the parents who raise the entitled little shits who annoy me.

I know a few good kids who actually have manners. But these days I just see so many kids running amuck with no consequences. I thought about a holiday I had gone on where so many kids were terrible.

A story

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Drakensberg by my best friend and her family. We stayed in a lovely family resort that had fun, family-friendly activities daily.

One evening there was “Idioms evening”—which sounds as bad in English as it does in Afrikaans. Anyway, my friend and I were split up into different groups so that there are an equal number of adults and children in every group. In the game, we had to guess the meanings of idioms, guess idioms from definitions given, and in the last part visual clues were given and you had to guess the phrase.

It was a fun competition, and I don’t mean to brag, but my friend and I completely dominated. Her team won (by one point) and my team came in second. Both our teams got prizes, but each group only got about two items—and we were about six or seven people in each team. Once those prizes were put on the table, two of the kids immediately grabbed them without asking anyone if they could. What pissed me off was that they didn’t give a single correct answer. I said, “That’s nice, take everything for yourselves,” sarcastically. It’s not like I wanted any of the crappy prizes, but it’s about the principle.

Also, I noticed that they treated the staff who were appointed to entertain them with zero respect. They called them names and harassed them to give them attention. At the super tube by the pool, the kids didn’t want to wait until I was an adequate distance away from the starting point to go, so they just bumped into me without apologising. Not to mention the way some of them spoke to their parents.


Geez, I hope I never have those kinds of kids one day. Or rather, I’ll make sure I don’t.

Rant over.



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