Deadpool would make every movie better

I recently saw the teaser trailer for Deadpool 3. Well, it didn’t actually show much of the movie, but there is a scene where Spider-Man sits next to Deadpool. In the comic books, there are lots of instances where Spider-Man and Deadpool fight side by side. It makes sense, but I feel that instead of bringing MCU characters into Deadpool 3, Deadpool should have appeared in other MCU movies. Do you know why? Because Deadpool would make every movie better.

Deadpool in other movies

To be perfectly honest, Deadpool would make any movie better. Let’s look at a few examples:

Forrest Gump: Deadpool would be the principal who bangs Forrest’s mom, but he still wouldn’t let Forest into the school.

Pulp Fiction: He would definitely be The Wolf.

Titanic: I imagine Deadpool as Rose’s love interest. Screw Jack, I want Deadpool instead.

Yeah, image Titanic with Deadpool instead. Rose and Deadpool meet, fall in love and eventually, they crash into the iceberg and have to abandon the ship.

They survived the ship sinking and they’re in the freezing cold water. Well, technically, just one of them.

Imagine this scene:

Deadpool is laying on the door looking up at the Milky Way quietly singing a song. Rose is in the water next to him, holding on for dear life.

Deadpool: Shoop shoop ba-doops shoop ba-doop …

Rose: Deadpool?

Deadpool: Sweet cheeks?

Rose: I really think there’s enough space on that thing for two people.

Deadpool: (turns on his stomach to face Rose) Lily, we’ve talked about this.

Rose: My name’s Rose.

Deadpool: Oh yeah, right.

Rose: There’s enough space for me too. You just have to move over a little.

Deadpool: (caresses her cheek) Oh Rose, sweet, naïve Rose, that freezing water is making you delusional.

Rose: I’m telling you, I’ll fit.

Rose starts to struggle onto the door/raft.

Deadpool: No wait, wait!

Rose pauses for a second.

Deadpool: Look at me and just listen for a second.

Their faces are just inches apart.

Deadpool: I need to ask you one thing.

Rose: Yeah?

Deadpool: You always smell like flowers, like this sweet smell. What is that?

Rose: It’s my shampoo, it’s rose-scented.

Deadpool: Shampoo? Huh, I would have never guessed that. It was really killing me. Oh, Rose smelling like roses—cute. Anyway, Rose, you’re beautiful, but I like being alive and right now I kind of feel like I have to pick between me and you. (nabs the golden heart locket from around her neck) I’m sorry that things have to end like this. But I want you to know that near, far, where ever you are, this golden heart will go on… to be sold and buy me crack and whores for one glorious weekend.

Rose: But Deadpool…

Deadpool: Shush… (gently puts his index finger over her mouth) Let go, Rose, let go.

Rose: But Deadp-

Deadpool: I said let go! (Pushes her into the water by her forehead. He rolls over onto his back again). Geez, talk about clingy. Hey, is that a shooting star? Quick, make a wish. (Closes his eyes) I wish for another Wolverine movie. (Looks around him) Oh wait, now I feel like I wasted it. Bad Deadpool.


How cool would Deadpool Titanic be? Why aren’t we funding this?



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