Memories make you who you are

Memories are weird. Think about it, if you don’t remember something it’s like it never happened – isn’t that sad? Also, we frame our memories by our own personalities or by what we thought of the situation, not how it really was. Basically, your memories make you who you are.

Forget me not

I’ve read a few articles about people who never forget anything. You can ask them what they did on this day eight years ago and they can tell you exactly what they did, who they saw, what they were wearing and which song was playing in the background.

At school I thought that it would be an amazing advantage. Never forgetting anything? That means straight A’s without even trying. However, then I thought about all the sad or tragic things you will also remember. How horrible would that be? Time will never heal your wounds, because your memories don’t fade. Then of course there are moments you want to remember forever, obviously, but don’t we remember those better anyways?

Like I said, our memory works in strange in mysterious ways. When a memory is connected to a strong emotion, it is burned into our memory – that is why we remember very happy or traumatic events in vivid detail. This is either to your delight or dismay.

Temporary memory loss

I always thought it would be cool to have memory loss – not permanently, just for a few days. I think it would be cool to have a clean hard drive for a while and find out from my friends and family who I am – also to see how they perceive me.

The coolest thing would be to fall in love with my husband again. Sorry, it’s so cheesy. The second coolest thing would be to watch my favourite movies and read my favourite books again for the first time. Wondering again what will happen, and be surprised when the opposite of all expectations happens – it would be true bliss. I mean, you can rewatch and reread your favourites over and over, but it won’t be the first time ever again.


On a related thought, if there was a way to remove specific memories from your mind, would you do it? With technology developing at this pace, it may be possible one day. Let me know what you think in the comments.



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