We went to Australia Zoo

With the first bit of money I earned from my casual job, I treated my husband and me to a trip to Australia Zoo—otherwise known as Steve Irwin’s zoo. We went there two weekends ago—what a treat.

I loved it

I love animals, especially dogs. We saw all kinds of majestic animals at Australia Zoo. However, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see all the animals, but I understand that a lot of them are nocturnal animals and hence they were scarce and sleeping when we were there. We were there between 11AM and about 2PM.

The place is massive and I couldn’t upload all the pictures I had of the animals, because there are way too many. Here are a few:

I thought this tortoise was dead, but it turns out that this is just how they sleep.

These Tasmanian Devils don’t look evil. In fact, they’re quite cute.

Here’s one sleepy koala. They sleep about 20 hours every day, so you’re lucky if you find one that’s awake.

When I look at this photo, my brain goes: “I like to move it, move it!”


The following dog-like animal is a dingo. If I’m honest, it looks exactly like a dog to me. Like, if I saw one of these beside the road, I would try to pet it and take it home. I feel like if something is that dangerous, it should not be so cute.

The red panda was a highlight for my husband because they’re his favourite animal. I loved the otter because they remind me of my husband. He has deep brown eyes and loves swimming, so that’s probably why.

Finally, the kangaroos were chill AF. You could buy feed at a shop and feed that to them. I didn’t have the money to buy it (nor did I want to walk all the way back to buy it) so I picked up a leaf and offered it to a kangaroo. This kangaroo just looked at me like: “What cheap ass shit is this? Give me the good stuff, bitch.”


Australia Zoo was quite expensive, but totally worth it. I would love to go there again.



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