Disturbing dreams

I’ve been having disturbing dreams lately. It’s weird because things have gotten a bit better in my waking life.

The snakes

The other night I dreamt we were visiting my parents in South Africa. I was in my old bedroom and there were snakes on my bookcase. More kept appearing, and I thought, “wow, this is more of an Australian thing to happen”.

Anyway, so there was this one black snake that looked threatening. I took a pillow and held it out in front of me, and the snake attacked me—repeatedly. It kept biting the pillow, then retreating, and then coming for me again.

I called out to my parents for help, but because I was so out of breath, I could barely make a sound.

I vaguely remember the rest of the dream, and the snakes disappeared later on.

Real life

About a day or two after that dream, my husband and I were on our afternoon walk and I told him about the snake dream.

He said, “That’s probably what was wrong with you.”

So apparently, I acted this dream out, because my husband said that when he got up to go pee, I was twitching in my sleep.


I died

I had a dream where I died. I had this dream last week and I keep thinking about it.

It was so weird. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but in this dream, I was a teenager with a group of other girls. We were all tied down to these laboratory beds, and there was a woman in charge who was talking to us.

We were all going to be injected with poison. I remember being petrified because I didn’t want to die. The woman in charge gave us a speech about how it was inevitable: all children of our age had to die for the cause (not sure what the “cause” was).

We were injected, and every faded to black. I remember feeling so afraid and alone when I died.

But the black nothingness soon faded when I woke up in a different lab-like room. People were working on pipes or gears, and I was expected to get up and help them with their task.

Then I woke up in real life.

Real life again

In real life, I’m not afraid of dying. I’m a Christian and I believe after life on earth, I go to heaven. However, I don’t want to suffer and have a painful death—I’d rather have an instant death.

So, this freaked me out about this dream: the fear of dying. The black nothingness of my dream’s death is so disturbing.

The sequel/prequel

Last night, I had a dream related to the dying dream.

In this dream, I was a teenage girl in a facility. It looked like all laboratory facilities look in the movies. All the furniture, walls, and floors were white. I was there with a group of teenage girls and a woman who was in charge.

I wasn’t very popular with the other girls for some reason.

All I wanted to do was escape, and with a bit of wit, I did escape.

The last thing I remember about this dream is that directly outside the facility, there was a playground with monkey bars, swings, etc. I was hiding in a tree, wondering how I would get away from the people chasing me.


Have you ever dreamt that you died? It’s a weird question, but I wonder how common it is.

Let me know in the comments.


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