Healthy living: Meat week

So, apparently, I’ve completely forgotten that I’ve set myself challenges every week because I can’t seem to keep to any of them.

However, there has been a different development.

My husband is trying out the carnivore diet for a month. He did a lot of research on it and decided to give it a go, to see if it sorts out some mild health issues he has. It’s stuff like digestion problems and trouble sleeping, etc.

He’s only eating meat and animal products. The plan was that I eat the same meat as him, but much less and eat veggies with all my ‘meat meals’.

So far, I have not been able to finish any of my meals because the meat is too heavy. Also, in the evenings I don’t eat much, because I’m too lazy or tired to make food. My husband also does not eat much in the evenings these days, because he’s so full from eating meat the whole day (or he’s also too lazy or tired).

I’ve noticed that I’m eating a lot less now that my husband is on his diet. I don’t think I’m taking in fewer calories, because I do love a snack, but the quantity of food is less. Let’s see how it goes.

While my husband is on his diet, I’m going to focus on eating more fruit (again).

Wish me luck.



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