English test

It’s been a while since I had to study for a test, but last week I got a taste of it again when I studied for my English test on Saturday. The test and events surrounding it were weird.


I had to rewrite an international English test to prove that I’m proficient in the language. It’s quite annoying because I’ve had to speak and write in English in my professional life for about ten years now, and I also wrote a dissertation in English. So yeah, I was annoyed.

The test was scheduled for 9:00 Saturday morning and I had to be there by 8:30. The trains weren’t running all the way into the city and I didn’t feel like doing a two-hour commute via train and bus, so my husband drove me into the city.

I was stupid early for the test, but that gave me time to calm myself down.

The test

I think the test itself went pretty well. There was a weird incident, though.

We were going to start with the listening test. As the invigilator gave the instructions, the fire alarm (or some other alarm) in the building next door went off. The invigilator looked into the surrounding offices and saw that no one was panicking. So he just went on with the test.

The noise didn’t bother me at all because I was too focused on the test and I didn’t think it was that loud.

While we were waiting to take our speaking tests, I heard a few of the other candidates complain about the noise. Maybe it didn’t bother me because I’m used to chaos.

The commute back

I had planned to explore the city a bit after the test, but once the time came, I was just too tired. I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I decided to just go home. It was a two-hour commute home, and I first caught a bus to a train station (one that was operating).

I almost missed the train and jumped on at the last second. Only a few moments after I sent my husband a text that I was on the train home, did the train stop unexpectantly.

There was an announcement that all trains had been temporarily suspended because there was a field on fire—or something like that. We were in no danger, which I’m thankful for. After about 25 minutes, we were on our way again.

My love

When I finally arrived at my train station, my husband was waiting for me in the parking lot. I wouldn’t have minded walking, but I was so tired.

At home, there was McDonald’s, flowers, and chocolates waiting for me. I love my husband so much!


Has something weird ever happened while you were writing a test?



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