I am a Grinch

I used to like Christmas when I was a kid, but now I don’t like it anymore. But it makes sense because Christmas is for the kids. I am a Grinch, but for good reasons.

In South Africa, it was kind of fine to be a Grinch, because many people there are simply too poor to go all ‘Christmas’ all over the place. But now that we’re in Australia, it seems like everyone is Christmas-crazy. People start setting up decorations in November (that’s unholy, if you ask me). There are too many Christmas lunches and secret Santas at work, and too much festive food given away among colleagues (and I have zero self-control, so I’m putting on weight).

Here are some other things I despise about Christmas.


I hate that the shops are so full over the December holidays. People in Australia have so much disposable income, or maybe it just looks like it. Having a disposable income is great, but getting yourself into debt to buy things you don’t need to impress other people (who are too focused on themselves to bother noticing you) is bad. I see people spending so much money on decorations and toys and gadgets for kids that break after a few days. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s terrible for the environment.


Part of being a Grinch means that I don’t put up Christmas decorations. I don’t have a Christmas tree and I intend on keeping it that way. First, I think Christmas decorations are a waste of money. Second, I have very limited storing options in my house, so I have nowhere to keep the decorations for most of the year. But most importantly, I don’t want to waste my time putting up and taking down decorations. Why would I give myself that kind of homework and stress?

Growing up, we had a Christmas tree and there was always a fight about who was going to put it up, and an even bigger fight about who was going to take it down. My mom decided, for her sanity, that we would no longer be putting up a Christmas tree, and it was a brilliant decision.

Terrible entertainment

I hate Christmas movies because they all have the same storyline. And there are too many songs in them. The only Christmas movies that I love are Love Actually and Die Hard (of course, Die Hard is a Christmas movie).

We lost the meaning of Christmas

With all the consumerism, decorations, and terrible movies, the true meaning of Christmas is lost. I believe we celebrate the birth of Christ. Other people believe it’s about spending time with family. Can we just get back to focusing on what’s important?


I am a Grinch, and not ashamed of it. Be honest, what is something that you hate about Christmas?

Ba humbug!