It’s Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today. Well, some call it Single Awareness Day (or SAD—a cruel pun if there ever was one), and retailers call it Anything-in-a-shade-of-red-and-remotely-romantic-sells-like-hot-cakes Day. I just call it ‘Vrydag’, which actually means “Friday”, but directly translates to ‘Smooch day’, which is very applicable.

Considering today is Smooch day, I thought I’d stay away from the typical texts that come with this day, and rather talk about something about Valentine’s day that has annoyed me for quite some time.

Romeo and Juliet

You know how when some people see a couple and they say, “Aw look, they’re just like Romeo and Juliet.” That’s when I think, “You have obviously not read that story.”

The synopsis of Romeo and Juliet is that they meet, fall in love, get married, have sex, and then commit suicide because of a misunderstanding. Plus, all of this happens in the space of a week. How romantic …

Now you understand why it annoys me that people connect anything romantic to Romeo and Juliet. It is quite literally one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies.

Think about it

When you think about it, technically Juliet is the rebound because right before he met her, Romeo was still moping about another woman (Rosaline) who wasn’t interested in him. Plus, if you’ve read the play, you would know that Juliet was only thirteen years old …

That this whole thing is bothering me just proves that I’m a nerd.

What is something about Valentine’s Day that annoys you?



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