My personal ghost experiences

I think there’s a bit of controversy (or rather, disagreement regarding) of whether ghosts exist. I believe they exist because I’ve seen one, and have had more than one experience with them. Believe it or not, I don’t mind, but here are my personal ghost experiences.

The most prominent one

I think I was about nine years old when I saw her. One afternoon, I sat in front of my mirror, probably playing with my hair, and I felt someone looking at me.

I looked around, and the ghost was there. She quickly disappeared and the only thing I saw clearly was a foot of hers. In my peripheral vision, I saw she was a girl (or young woman) and in a dress that was common at the start of the previous century—around the Anglo-Boer war.

My mom has also often said that she would hear one of us shout “Mamma! Mamma!” (Afrikaans for Mom). Then when she would get to one of us, none of us called her.

My theory is that the ghost is a girl that was killed during the Anglo-Boer war and she is still looking for her mother (who probably died shortly after her).

Shortly after, there was another

Obviously, after seeing the ghost, I was really freaked out. So one night I didn’t want to be alone and waited in my mom’s room while she was quickly taking a bath.

Again, I had the weird feeling that someone was watching me. There was a chair in front of the bed and it moved. Once again, I was freaked out.

I definitely think that house is haunted—not with a malicious ghost(s) but I never slept well in that house. I always wanted the dogs to sleep next to my bed.

We now live with my parents-in-law (a temporary arrangement before we emigrate) and I sleep like a baby in that house even if my husband is not with me.

The experience I appreciated

In 2016, my beloved uncle on my dad’s side passed away. I loved him because he was so like my father and just a cool guy.

Whenever we used to visit him on the farm, we would eventually chat into the midnight hours around the kitchen table. To be honest, the kitchen was where most of our visit was spent.

So when he passed away, my dad and I went to the farm again for the weekend. The funeral was on a Saturday and on the Friday the family gathered in the house. In a weird way, it was a family reunion of sorts. It was nice to see family members I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. I just wish it was under different circumstances.

That night, after we ate, and the dishes were washed, I was alone in the kitchen (I can’t remember why) and I felt my uncle’s presence there.

It wasn’t creepy. I just think it was his way of saying goodbye to me. I appreciated that.


Do you have any personal ghost experiences? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Thoughtful meh.


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