Nostalgia about my school days (part 1)

In a couple of weeks, our matric class has its ten-year reunion. I’m not going, because I’ve spent the last ten years avoiding 90% of the people I went to school with. However, I do have fond memories of these years – which is why I will now share my nostalgia about my school days (part 1 of 2).

I miss it and don’t miss it

I don’t miss school as such – I definitely do not miss mathematics. However, I do miss seeing all my friends every day. The teachers actually gave a crap to learn our names, I miss that. Then there’s break time, I only have fond memories of it. I miss making fun of the plastics and jocks . . . oh wait, I still do that. Most of all, I miss how uncomplicated things were. I only had to worry about doing well in school, and not paying bills and taxes (like now).

Without being too nostalgic, I wanted to post something about the twelve years I was forced to learn a lot of unnecessary things.

First of all, I am and have always been a massive nerd. I always did my homework and assignments and stayed out of trouble. Well, there were a few exceptions.

The incident

In primary school (grade 1 to 7) I was indirectly responsible for a kid cracking two ribs.

One day in sixth grade, I think it was toward the end of the year, we had an end of year celebration thing. Basically, it was a picknick and you just had to bring your blanket and snacks. We were supposed to just enjoy yourselves in the company of friends. We were about five people sitting together and I looked at the blanket and then back at my friends. I suggested that it would be a fun game if four people took the four corners of the blanket and tried to throw the fifth person in the air.

The whole thing escalated very quickly after that. In a matter of seconds, half the sixth grade was holding a piece of the blanket and throwing kids two stories into the air.

We did the same thing during the break. I was asked to get another blanket, because I had brought two, and when I got back to the sports field everyone had dispersed.

I asked around and it came out that the crowd had thrown one kid into the air, but then missed him as he came down and he got hurt when he hit the ground. Nothing came of it, and no one got into trouble – but it was quite a number of years ago, I don’t think that would happen today.

Next time I’ll talk about my nostalgia about my high school days.

Do you have any fond memories of your school days?



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Nostalgia about my school days (part 1)