People who are too gullible

There was an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where the character, Honey (played by Katy Perry), was very gullible. Every time she fell for something that was obviously not legit everyone would say ‘Oh, Honey’. There have been so many ‘Oh, Honey’ moments in my life because of people who are too gullible. 

The best one

A few years ago, I went to a formal with one of my guy friends. Since it was a student event, there was alcohol involved – and a lot of it.

 Well into the evening, a first-year girl sat next to the dance floor all alone. The poor thing was drunk out of her mind. She played with her dress and sang along to the songs. At one stage she looked at her cup and said loudly: ‘I don’t think this is vanilla Coke.’

 Oh, Honey …

 I’ve been a victim too

When I was about four or five my eldest brother convinced me to cut my hair. I don’t remember what exactly he said, but he was quite convincing. What I do remember his smug little face as I took the scissors and stuck it into my fringe and cut it.

I also remember showing my mom my new look, and her horrified face when she saw it. 

She had to cut my fringe super short to make it straight again. I looked like a buffoon. But wait, there’s more!

Not long after that, it was picture day at the preschool. Somewhere in our house is still a picture of me looking totally disgusted and my other brother (the middle one) smiling like an idiot next to me.

A few classics

‘Your fly is open’ is quite a common line to say to gullible people. People will always look. A lot of girls did it at school. They told other girls that their flies were open, and it was hilarious because we wore dresses.

Another classic is, ‘If you say gullible very slowly it sounds just like orange’. It took me way too long to figure that one out. I would repeat gullible slowly and never understand the joke. And then one day it hit me. (Why am I like this?)

Gullible or stupid?

Let’s talk about those people who believe all those conspiracy theories about COVID-19. Seriously, people?

No, Bill Gates is not planning to implant you with a microchip. If he wants to follow your every move, he can just track your phone – you know, the device you always have on your person.

What about the people who believe that vaccines against childhood diseases cause autism? Zero academic research has proven this – people believe it because of some fake news they read on Facebook. 

It’s hard for me to decide whether these people are gullible or stupid – but it’s probably both.

Do you have any stories about gullible people? I’d love to hear them. Contact details below.



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