Saying ‘fuck it’ can change your life

I am scared of change and I also fear failing. But sometimes you just have to say ‘fuck it’ and do the thing that scares you. I think saying ‘fuck it’ can change your life.

Warning: More strong language ahead.

The explanation

I’m not saying you should go out and just do stupid shit. I mean, be brave with things that matter.

Here are some things that I said ‘fuck it, let’s do it’ to:

  • going on a date with my now-husband (that worked out well)
  • doing my teaching qualification
  • moving to Australia a few months before I was planning on
  • starting this blog and my dad’s blog
  • looking for jobs
  • asking people to be beta readers for my YA novel (I have had little success here)
  • asking agents to represent me (also no success)
  • starting with karate (and making friends for life)
  • going to the church down the road (they have made the transition in Australia so much easier)

Yeah, fuck it. What do I technically have to lose? All of these things take guts.

Why say ‘fuck it’?

For some reason, saying ‘fuck it’ gives you the courage to do something scary. I guess it gives you the illusion that you don’t really care that much about it when, deep down, you care a lot. For a moment, you disassociate with the thing and it’s less scary. You give yourself a moment to get out of your head and stop second-guessing yourself.

I think it’s better to try something and fail than to wonder what might have been if you just had the guts to try.

Saying ‘fuck it’ is super liberating.


When was the last time you said ‘fuck it’ and did something scary? Did it work out?



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