Healthy living: Week 2 review

I have challenged myself to focus more on my health for the next couple of weeks; mostly because I gained unwanted weight since 2020. So, I followed my own advice.

How it’s going

Well, I’m sick—so it’s not going great at the moment. I’ve tested, and it’s not COVID-19, so we think it’s just the flu. I felt terrible last week, but today it’s looking up. Hopefully, I can get back into my routine from next week on.

But I digress …

I’ve continued to drink two litres of water every day. Honestly, it’s not that bad and quite manageable.

Last week’s challenge was to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. This was no problem for me. I moved my exercise routine to the late afternoons, so eating first thing in the morning is easy. To be honest, eating, in general, is too easy for me—which is probably why I’m in my current predicament.

This week

The challenge this week is just to make my breakfast a healthy one. I usually eat two Weet-bix with a bit of cereal (those bran mix type things) over it. Then I add a bit of sugar and milk. It’s already a reasonably healthy breakfast, but I’m going to cut out the sugar this week. Wish me luck.


If you want to know what I’m going on about, you can check out my Healthy 2020 series from pre-COVID times.



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