The simple things in life (part 2)

There was a part one of this post, and now this is the simple things in life (part 2), and there will probably be a part 3. Again, I invite you to add to this list—details at the end.

People watching

I love people-watching. It’s like watching wildlife.

Once a week, we’ll go grocery shopping at the local mall and probably hit up K-mart, Coles, and Woolies. We always see weird-looking people.

For instance, the other day we went to Woolies, and we saw a guy with the worst mullet. Mullets are pretty terrible already, but this guy just took it to a new level.

He shaved most of his head, as in it was shiny clean shaved, but he had a patch of long hair at the back.

The funny thing is, he walked around with such confidence—like he is God’s gift to earth. That is a level of confidence that I strive toward.

The kids

Woolies had a campaign where they gave you cool stickers if you spent over 15 dollars at a time at their stores. It was very popular, and the stickers were characters from Disney kids’ movies, Marvel, and Star Wars.

At one point, they ran out of stickers, and we only found this out when we were paying at the self-checkout. The woman next to us also found out.

This is when I said out loud (as a joke) “Won’t somebody please think of the children?” just like that character from The Simpsons.

The woman next to us said, “Exactly! It was the only reason I shopped here.”

My husband and I had a giggle about it.

The kids

Last time I talked about how kids appreciated the simple things in life better than adults. This week I thought about the kids from my karate club in South Africa. I miss them so much and look forward to seeing them when I visit.

Sometimes the kids at the dojo just said the cutest or funniest things. For example, there was an orange belt and at that stage, she was about ten years old. She has a bubbly personality and is very sweet. In one class, I told her this and jokingly said she should ask her dad if I can adopt her. To this, she said: “Yes, it’s fine, but do you have dogs at least?” How cute is that? I explained that we have three dogs, and that seemed to please her.

In the following class, the same girl asked me if I can do a cartwheel. Yes, I can, in case you were wondering—and I gave the child the demonstration as well. I told her I can do a proper cartwheel because I had a friend who did gymnastics when I was in pre-primary school. Upon hearing this, the girl asked seriously, “Is your friend still alive?” I burst out laughing, “Yes, she’s still alive. We’re the same age.”

If I’m perfectly honest, the question made me wonder, because I haven’t seen that friend in many years. I Googled her and my childhood friend is indeed still alive.


I love dogs and I really, really want one so badly, but we’re not allowed to have any pets in our place. So, I make do by petting other people’s dogs. On our daily walks, we sometimes see dogs and I pet them if they let me. It fills my heart with so much joy.

Some additions

Last time I asked you if you wanted to add something to the list, and here are some responses I got:

“It’s amazing what kids find amusing, isn’t it? I recently went to a funeral and a family member brought their 6-year-old with them and she amused herself for 5 hours practising gymnastics with a chair. It was amazing!” (Jenny from

“I saw it with my niece and nephew as well. They had all these fancy, colourful toys as babies/toddlers but one day we gave them a bottle with some rice in it. Simple, but it kept them busy and gave them giggles for hours.” (Louvaine—a friend from South Africa)


How do you celebrate the simple things in life? Let me know in the comments.



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