The simple things in life

Let’s be honest, life is mostly mundane. It’s mostly getting up for work, sitting in traffic, working, going to the gym, making food, cleaning the house, etc. I think it’s important to appreciate the simple things in life, because they bring joy, and keep you sane—somewhat.

Kids are the best

Kids can show you how to appreciate the small things in life. They can also drive you crazy, but sometimes they do the former.

The first time my nieces came over to our apartment, the younger one of the two (three years old at the time) ran over to the carpet in front of the television.

My husband had bought it online, and although it was not in the colour I wanted, it was soft. So, my niece made snow/carpet angels. It was so cute.

Play with the box

I’ve seen videos where people buy their cat a toy and it ends up playing with the box it came in. Well, kids can do a similar thing.

There was a mini dinosaur exhibition in the local mall a couple of years ago. It was an advertisement for the dinosaur expo-thing that would come to town in the following weeks, and hence, as part of their advertising campaign, they had dinosaur displays all around town.

I was at the mall with a couple of friends, and we took a picture with the dinosaurs. This is when I noticed two boys at the display. I reckon they were about ten years old. Guess what they were doing? They were playing with the soil surrounding the dinosaur.

At that age, a life-size dinosaur should be the coolest thing ever and you play with the freaking soil? Seriously? That’s like buying your kid the latest PlayStation and finding them playing with the box that it came in.

My brother

When I was little, I vandalised a lot of stuff in the house. I loved writing and drawing on furniture and the walls. It seems like I drew on everything except paper.

At that point, my oldest brother thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to write his name. It’s funny because at that stage I couldn’t write my own name. And so I vandalised the house again, but this time I wrote his name everywhere. My parents couldn’t understand what had gotten into their son, but then they realised it was their weird daughter.


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