Things that annoy me (part 3)

Some things are just so darn annoying. If you’ve read the previous two posts, you’re probably annoyed because I’m annoyed by so many things. However, we can all relate to those little annoying things, like stepping in water with socks on. I’d even venture to say these little irritations are a part of the human condition. Anyway, here are more things that annoy me …

Public annoyances

  •  You see a person you have not seen in years and then in the coming few weeks, you see them EVERYWHERE.
  • Seeing someone wave at you, you wave back and then realise they were waving at someone behind you.
  • When you’re in a slow checkout line at the supermarket and you move the new line slows down and the old one speeds up.

Private annoyance (luckily)

  • If you lose something you won’t find it until after you’ve already replaced it with a new, more expensive version (just ask my dad).
  • The whole day long you don’t receive any calls or text messages. Take a shower for a few minutes and all of a sudden you have three missed calls and ten text messages – all of these people wondering why you’re not responding.
  • The start of the cello tape will always be gone, ALWAYS. When you finally find it and start ripping it of you manage to rip off a little triangle. Why?
  • Your friends, partner, or family feel like starting a conversation when your show is on. Like, couldn’t we have had this conversation somewhere throughout the day when I was not in anticipation of what will happen to my favourite character?! Then you have to either pause and listen while fuming on the inside, or tell them to hush and have an argument about it later.
  • The mosquitoes will not start buzzing until the lights have gone out and you’re ready for some shuteye. Buzz, buzz, buzz, this is the call of my people motherf#ck@r!
  • Being completely exhausted and not being able to fall asleep.
  • When you’ve made yourself very comfortable on the couch or in bed and then realising you forgot your snacks or you have to pee.
  • When you forgot to buy the one thing you actually went to the shops to buy.
  • You realise you sock is sliding off in your shoe, or your shoe keeps falling off when it’s too late to go back home to change it.

It unites us

As I said, these little annoyances are things that most people can relate to, and in a weird way, it unites us. Basically, it reminds us that we’re not so different after all – and that’s annoyingly beautiful.

Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to contact me (details below).

Such is life, I guess.



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Things that annoy me (part 3)