Corona fear is here

The first case of the Coronavirus was confirmed on the third of March here in sunny South Africa and so far, it looks like we’ve been handling it fairly well. Looks can be deceiving though. Corona fear – feel it, it is here. It’s all over the news, social media, and all anyone can talk about.

Let me paint a picture

It’s all fun and games before it directly affects you.

South Africans before the Coronavirus came here:

Sending our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected

Dude, look at this Corona meme.

I’m not afraid of Corona, I’m strong and healthy.

South Africans now (Corona fear):

Give me all the toilet paper and hand sanitiser!

This is not a f#@king joke!

Where the f#@k is the vaccine!

Corona fear – the measures so far

The schools and universities have been closed until 14 April – which means a long holiday for me. I was supposed to start getting all the things done that I claim I never have time for, but so far, I have only taken naps and looked at memes. Why am I like this?

Rules have also been implemented that not more than 100 people are allowed to gather together in one place. Apparently, pubs and restaurants are not allowed to be open after 6 PM.

This sounds all good and well, but have you seen the number of people in shopping malls and shops? I quickly went during the past two days, to get sufficient food, in case we’re confined to our homes. Honestly, people have lost their goddamn minds.

My common sense told me to buy non-perishable food or stuff that can last a long time in the freezer. But then you see these idiots buying a ton of milk and eggs. Unless they’re planning on baking a f#@kton of cake, I don’t see the point. Milk and eggs go off within a week or so (longer for eggs). What exactly is your plan here? Also, the veggies and healthy stuff that I bought didn’t exactly fly off the shelves, so I think I’ll be good for a while.

The unknown is making us anxious

Nobody can say for sure where this thing is going to go. We’ve never had such an experience in our lifetimes to compare this to.

There has been SARS and MRSA, but they weren’t spread globally – at least not here. Even Ebola wasn’t that widespread. The fact that this Coronavirus is super contagious doesn’t help. We know too little to predict what’s going to happen.

What scares me is that there’s a real possibility that some people are carriers of the disease and don’t get sick themselves, but they are still able to transfer the disease. That is terrifying – the fact that someone who looks healthy could give you the virus.

Last night the first case in Bloemfontein, where I live, was reported. Now everyone here is super on edge. The crazy thing about is, the fact that the incubation period could be up to 21 days means that there are probably hundreds of people walking around, feeling fine, going on with their normal routine and infecting hundreds of other unsuspecting people.

God help us.

Too serious for a meh.


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Corona fear is here