Goals for 2021

I don’t know if I can risk it to get overly excited for 2021. I just think about all the stuff that I wanted to do in 2020 and that wasn’t possible because of COVID-19 and I get sad. What if the same thing happens this year? Against my better judgement, I came up with a couple of goals for 2021 that I would like to achieve.

Lose the weight that I gained during the lockdown

Even my mom said that I had been gaining weight. She’s not wrong, but damn! That hurt.

Obviously, during the lockdown, I wasn’t as active as I usually was because I was working from home and the karate dojo was mostly closed. When it opened, it was also pretty restricted in what we could do (no contact).

Get super fit for grading

I’m going for my second dan at the end of 2021 and I want to get super fit for it. I’m tracking my resting heart rate to measure this (because I’m not qualified to do stuff like this). My aim is about 60.

Also, I have zero upper body strength, so I also want to be able to do 10 pull-ups at the end of the year. At the moment I’m at ¼ of a pull-up – that’s sad.

Get my education diploma

I’m doing my education diploma this year (a one-year course) and I’m both excited and nervous about it. Hopefully, I will survive it and get my qualification.

Better time management

Since I’m working, studying, and karate-ing next year, my time management game has to be on point.

It’s also vital that I don’t procrastinate – which I’ve been known for doing. However, I’ve found a few tips that can help me with this (Thanks, BellaWanana).

Get rid of all the clutter

After my education diploma, I want to look for work abroad and hopefully move out of my parent’s house.

I won’t be able to take a lot with me so I want to start going through all my stuff to see what I can sell, give away or throw away. I’m slowly but surely starting the process.

Enter one writing competition a month

I’ve mentioned it before, but this year I entered a few writing competitions. Unfortunately, I won nothing (or even place), but it was a great experience. I want to keep doing it.

That’s what I could think of for now. Do you have any ideas that I can add to the list? Also, share what your goals are for 2021 in the comments.

Hopeful meh.


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Goals for 2021