Healthy 2020: Week 10

With a certain virus doing the rounds across the globe, it’s no better time to get healthier – or least try to stay alive. On that pessimistic note, let’s delve into Healthy 2020 week 10.

But first …

Mandatory recap

Week 1: Drink 2 litres of water per day

Week 2: Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up (it could have been any breakfast – didn’t have to be healthy)

Week 3: Eat a healthy breakfast (there are plenty of suggestions in the post)

Week 4: Add in two portions of fruits or veggies in your diet per day.

Week 5: Eat your biggest meal of the day at lunchtime

Week 6: Your lunch should be a healthy one, and add two more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

Week 7: Start following an eating schedule where you have three main meals a day and two snacks in between.

Week 8: Start planning your meals ahead of time

Week 9: Replace refined carbs (like white bread, pasta, etc.) with whole wheat alternatives.

The challenge for week 10

I won’t lie, this week’s challenge will really be one heck of a challenge for me.

Like I explained last week, we’ve established healthy eating habits by now. From now on we’re going to cut out the bad stuff. This week we’re cutting out sugar.

Okay, we’re not cutting it out completely, because sugar is addictive. I’m pretty sure I’ve been addicted to it since the first time I tasted it. I ate out of the sugar pot when I was little for heaven’s sake.

Again, this is something you should do bit by bit. For example, I’ve been reducing the amount of sugar I put in my tea and porridge by half. What’s going to be a struggle for me is not eating sweets, cookies, and yummy treats.

I only have two strategies for cutting it out. The first is not to go to the shops while hungry (I already only go when I really need something) so that I don’t buy a bunch of unnecessary sweets. The second strategy is to not let myself get hungry. It sounds weird because it is. Basically, I crave sweets when I’m hungry and when I follow my five small meals a day plan, I should not get too hungry at any point which means that the odds of me craving sugar go down.

Having healthy snacks in your home, and not keeping the temptation of sweet snacks around also helps a lot. I mean, I’m too lazy to go out and buy sweet stuff or even make it, so I’m forcing my lazy ass to eat healthily.


Well, that’s that for Healthy 2020 week 10. In only a few short weeks the challenge is done. Have you followed it? Does it help? Let me know – contact details below.



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