Healthy 2020: Week 7

It’s week 7 of the Healthy 2020 challenge and ironically, I am sick as a dog. I hope you are faring better than me and feeling healthier than last year.

First, let’s see how far we’ve come.

Mandatory recap

Week 1: Drink 2 litres of water per day

Week 2: Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up (it could have been any breakfast – didn’t have to be healthy)

Week 3: Eat a healthy breakfast (there are plenty of suggestions in the post)

Week 4: Add in two portions of fruits or veggies in your diet per day.

Week 5: Eat your biggest meal of the day at lunchtime

Week 6: Your lunch should be a healthy one, and add two more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

Challenge for week 7

The challenge for this week is to start following an eating schedule where you have three main meals a day and two snacks in between.

Like some of the previous weeks, your meals do not have to be perfectly healthy at this point, you just want to get into the eating routine and learning the habits. Follow this schedule:

07:00 Breakfast

10:00 Snack

13:00 Lunch

15:30 Snack

19:00 Dinner

Obviously, you can change these times a bit to suit your lifestyle, but try not to have more than four hours between a meal and a snack.

If you have a very long day you can also add in a snack at about 21:00, but ideally, have your last meal or snack about two hours before you go to bed.

Method to the madness

This eating schedule is a good way to get you to plan your meals in advance. The snacks are also a good way to work in fruits, nuts, and healthy smoothies into your diet.

What do you think? Is the Healthy 2020 challenge do-able? Let me know – contact details below.



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