How we came to be

I enjoy blogging about my family, especially my parents, but the truth is, we might not have been born. So, here’s the story of how we came to be the Crazies.

But first

I once asked my parents why they had kids, and I must admit I was quite disappointed with their answers.

My mom’s answer was something cheesy like: “Your father and I loved each so much that we just wanted to extend that love …” blah blah blah, typical mom stuff.

Then I asked my dad why he wanted kids and he said, without blinking: “So we have someone to inherit all our stuff.”

I’m not even making this up. My dad had kids so that all his stuff would be in good hands when he died.

We almost didn’t happen

A long time ago, my parents were told that they would never have kids. This was the time before all the fertility treatments there are today, but my parents desperately wanted kids. My mom then turned to homoeopathic remedies (I’m not sure if you can call it medicine).

The homoeopath said that she had to take herbal drops and mix them with water, and that would (apparently) help her get pregnant. That is exactly what she did. She meticulously measured the drops into a glass of water and before she could drink it, she was distracted – I think the phone rang or something.

When she came back, she saw that my dad had drunk the water. As my parents told me the story, I asked my dad, “Didn’t you even ask if you could drink the water standing there?!”

He said, without blinking, “No, it’s my house.”

Well, it worked because not long after my mom got pregnant.

And here we are

Regardless of whether you believe in homoeopathic treatments, it worked for my parents. They first had my eldest brother, and then my mom took more of those drops and a year and a half later they had my other brother. I guess I was the “oopsie” because my parents didn’t take any homoeopathic drops to get pregnant with me.

I want to hear from you

And that’s how we came to be. Do you have any similar stories? Were your parents also not ‘supposed to’ have kids? Let me know in the comments.



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How we came to be