The Crazies – Some background

An interesting fact: in my mother language (Afrikaans) the first part of my family’s surname literally means ‘crazy’ – hence the name of the series (note the picture – we are a little fruity). It is a fun coincidence, and perfectly appropriate. Here’s some background on the Crazies.

Yes, I will be blogging about my family, especially my parents. It’s not like we’re a super close-knit or perfect family, but we’re happy. Also, my family gives me excellent content, so it would be such a waste if I didn’t write about them. Our core family consists of myself, my two older brothers (my parents did the two years gap thing), my mom and dad.

My parents

My parents still live as if it were the 1950s. They don’t care for technology and they don’t do social media (the latter because of the former); they just do their thing. ‘Doing their thing’ includes watching the news (every chance they get), listening to the radio on full blast at six in the morning, and complaining about the weather. They sound a hundred years old, but they are in their early sixties and have been married forever.

My brothers

My brothers are super smart. One is a chartered accountant and the other a computer programmer. I used to be smart too, but then I went on to do a Bachelor of Arts, which, in hindsight, was not so smart (although I can’t imagine doing anything other than teaching). I won’t really be blogging about my brothers because of two reasons. Firstly, they actually know how the internet works and will be able to read what I write about them. Secondly, they don’t give me great material to write about. Sorry, Mom and Dad are way more entertaining.

It may seem like I’m complaining about my family in these posts, but I love them to bits although they drive me up the walls sometimes.

We’re a bunch of crazies, but we like it that way.



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The Crazies - some background