My parents should move

There’s an intersection near my parents’ house in South Africa. We worked out that there was an accident there about every three months—which is quite scary. At one stage, the accidents were getting more and more bizarre. All the accidents made me think that my parents should move.


One afternoon, a couple of years ago, I sat in front of the computer, typing away, probably working on a blog post, and I heard a loud crash. My mom, brother, and I rushed outside to see what happened. We thought there had been an accident at the intersection again. Then we saw the people crowd around the house next door.

Apparently, someone waiting at the traffic light had an asthma attack and, in the fit, he floored the petrol pedal. The guy then drove over the sidewalk, through the fence of the house, and crashed into the living room. Luckily, the house was vacant.

Sadly, that’s not the strangest thing that has happened, but I’ll get to it.

Peak time traffic

Not long after the surprise attack on the house next door, there was an accident about a hundred metres from our house. A car crashed into another and luckily there were no fatalities. That morning I thought it was strange that so few cars were driving past our house in peak time traffic. Meanwhile, everyone was struggling to get past the accident.

The strangest one

One Friday night we were all at home at heard a loud bang at around eleven o’clock. We went outside assuming that it was another accident. We went outside to see a car alight. The strange thing is, there was no other car involved in the ‘accident’.

We asked around and found out that the car just suddenly caught fire. As far as the bystanders could tell, the passengers smelled petrol as they stopped at the traffic light and immediately got out. It’s a good thing they did because a few short minutes later, the car was on fire. That was scary.

Yeah, I definitely think my parents should move.


Do you have any similar stories? I’d love to read about them in the comments.



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