Photos of our travels (part 2)

I have been quite busy these past couple of weeks, so I haven’t been able to put up as many posts as I would like. Sorry.

Honestly, we didn’t take many photos on our visit to South Africa. So, the photos that we did take were not that great. When I think about it, we took more photos when we were physically traveling to and from South Africa.

Medical stuff

When we were in South Africa, we went to the dentist, doctor and optometrist. The guy below has been my dentist my entire life and I only trust him – which is quite inconvenient seeing as he’s on the other side of the world.

Here you’ll see my husband being tortured – I mean, treated. Talk about an exciting holiday.

Time with friends

My husband invited a couple of friends to a guest farm to catch up. They had a great time.

The dogs

On our last day in South Africa, we went to my parents and said goodbye again. We took a couple of family pictures and of course I took pictures with the dogs.

The way back

On the way to the airport to travel back to Australia, my father in law took us to this place, The Fat Butcher. It’s mainly a butcher, with amazing biltong, but they also sell many other treats and food.

A love story

My husband knows that I hate Instagram and those people who take photos of their food. So, it inspired these photos (taken at the airport). It’s our relationship summed up in three photos.

I love him.


As I’ve said, I’m quite busy, but I miss writing here, so I’ll make a plan to post more.



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