The era I would like to live in

Covid-19 got me thinking, how would this pandemic have been if it happened twenty years ago? Then I thought about the era that I would have rather wanted to live in to avoid the virus. Ancient times? The Victorian age? The 1920’s? The seventies? The eighties? Actually, the era I would like to live in, is this one (Corona and all).

If you could choose the era in which you grew up in, which one would you choose? I’m sure you have a good reason for whatever era you chose. As for me, I think I’m in exactly the right era. Here is why (in no specific order):

Women’s rights

I like that this era is pro-gender equality (in most countries). I’m not restricted in terms of career choices simply because I’m a woman (and the same counts for men). I like that.


I honestly don’t know what I would do without Google, or the internet at large for that matter. Imagine if you had to go to the library every time you simply wanted to know something (or wanted to settle an argument). Talking of which, do you remember the last time you used a telephone book or a hard copy map? (Yes, I know they track our internet activity and location, but what am I supposed to do about that?)

Technology in general

This links with the above. I cannot imagine my world without television, microwaves or my laptop. As much as technology can be a pain in the ass (simply because I don’t always understand it) I cannot imagine my life without it – I think that’s kind of sad.


I like that I can call up anyone at any time, especially if the ‘anyone’ is my mom who vanished in the shopping mall once again. Not only that, I like that it makes social media like Facebook and Twitter mobile available (introverts like me love it). If I have to wait for something, I can just go online and not look like a complete loner.

Personal hygiene

As someone who is semi-obsessed with hygiene, this is definitely a plus of this era. It’s just too bad that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the potential level of personal hygiene that can be achieved – in fact, some people completely ignore it. Even during the pandemic some people still ignore personal hygiene. Then again, that’s probably why it’s a pandemic.

Modern medicine

Enough said. Have you seen the kooky medical treatments from medieval times?

The 21st century, there’s no place I’d rather be. How about you? Contact details below.



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